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8 CiviCRM Extensions to Empower Your Nonprofit

Oct 19, 2020

CiviCRM is a popular open-source CRM solution. Organization leaders from the nonprofit, NGO, and civic sectors all take advantage of its flexible platform and build on the support from other experts in the industry. Currently, it is used by more than 11,000 nonprofits. 

Because of its modular system, CiviCRM is fully customizable. As soon as you download its code, you have immediate access to CiviCRM core features like donor data collection, email capabilities, and engagement tracking. From there, you can expand its system with components (CiviCRM features you can turn on or off) and extensions (features and unique tools created by experts in the CiviCRM community) to meet your organization’s needs.

CiviCRM is also FREE to download! We at iATS Payments have written about CiviCRM before, exploring the basic features and top ways you can use the system to your nonprofit’s advantage. While that article is a useful general overview of the CRM, we wanted to dive deeper into the exact ways you can expand your CiviCRM system.

This guide will walk you through the following top CiviCRM extensions:

You can use the table of contents above to click through to the extension you’re most interested in, but we recommend you start with us from the top for a more comprehensive overview. Let’s dive in.


This section will explore iATS Payments, a dedicated payment processing solution for nonprofits and a CiviCRM extension.

iATS Payments: Best CiviCRM Extension

CiviCRM Extension Overview

Every fundraising leader needs a payment processor to collect online gifts— and iATS Payments is the only one dedicated to the nonprofit sector. On top of that, any CiviCRM user can freely take advantage of it! 

Currently, over 1,000 CiviCRM users are using iATS payments to collect gifts and protect their donor’s data. 

Top Features of this CiviCRM Extension

The iATS Payments CiviCRM Extension provides three separate payment processors that you can pick and choose to install. These include the standard credit card payment processor, ACH/EFT payment processor, and a credit card SWIPE processor that adds the ability to swipe credit cards. 

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Level 1 PCI Certification that helps keeps donors safe
  • Advanced fraud protection and security tools
  • Recurring transactions and tokenization


This section will explore other great CiviCRM extensions you can take advantage of.

Other Great CiviCRM Extensions for Your Nonprofit


Learn more about Summary Fields, a CiviCRM extension that can help you better manage donor profiles.

Summary Fields: CiviCRM Extension for Donor profiles

Overview of this CiviCRM Extension

Summary Fields is a popular CiviCRM extension that helps fundraising leaders like you better manage and organize your donors. All the data in your CRM system can be used by Summary Fields to create comprehensive donor profiles, helping you better visualize your supporter base and gain valuable insights. 

Summary Fields gives you the capabilities to:

  • Search for major donors, recent donors, or lapsed donors
  • Show a quick and easy-to-comprehend synopsis of a donor’s history
  • Screen for a number of fields, including “Total Lifetime Contributions” and “Number of  Events Attended”
  • Build relationships with your supporters


Profile Conditionals is a top CiviCRM extension for personalized donation and event registration forms.

Profile Conditionals : CiviCRM Extension for Personalized Donation and Event Registration Forms

Overview of this CiviCRM Extension

Profile Conditionals is a handy CiviCRM extension that can expand the abilities of site administrators. When you install Profile Conditionals, you can configure in-page changes to fields and other page elements in response to user actions. For instance, if a person registering for an event marks that they’re a past donor in a field, the form might change to adapt to that answer and add additional questions about past gift size, etc. 

Use Profile Conditionals to trigger actions such as:

  • Showing or hiding field elements
  • Adding or relocating page elements
  • Making fields required or optional


Use Extended Reports, a CiviCRM extension for data analysis.

Extended Reports: CiviCRM Extension for  Data Analysis

Overview of this CiviCRM Extension

One of the best parts of a capable CRM system is all the data you have access to. Extended Reports is a CiviCRM extension that helps you organize and analyze that data to apply it and strengthen your strategy. You can do this by turning your valuable information into comprehensive and informative reports. 

Acting as an extended report framework, you can now:

  • Add report templates like an “Event Overview report” or “Activities report”
  • Use those templates to learn more about your own fundraising data


CiviMobile is a top CiviCRM Extension for mobile apps.

CiviMobile : CiviCRM Extension for Mobile App

Overview of this CiviCRM Extension

CiviMobile is an extension that allows CiviCRM users to take its capabilities to mobile devices. Access your regular CiviCRM platform while on the go and manage important events or campaigns in real-time.

With CiviMobile, you can:

  • Keep CiviCRM data organized and always accessible
  • Instantly view key data like event registrations or check-in data
  • Create an app wholly branded to your organization


Learn more about Mosaico, a top CiviCRM extension that can help with emailing donors.

Mosaico: CiviCRM Extension for Email Template Builder

Overview of this CiviCRM Extension

When emailing your donors and supporters, it’s important that your content is relayed in an easily digestible way, inspires readers to take action, and is personalized to the individual. Mosaico is a CiviCRM extension that helps optimize your email marketing strategy with its email template builder!

With Mosaico, you can:

  • Design and code an email that works on every device and with all major email clients
  • Use and customize trusted templates to make them your own
  • Drag & drop images and other media for easy uploading


SemperIT is a top CiviCRM consultant that can help you choose and maintain extensions.

Semper IT : CiviCRM Consultant

Overview of this CiviCRM Extension Consultant

Though not quite a CiviCRM extension, Semper IT is a CiviCRM consultant that can help your nonprofit with custom coding and even training for your staff. It’s great if your organization is based in Canada, as that’s where its services are hosted.

Semper IT can help you with:

  • 24/7 support
  • Data migration services
  • Issue diagnoses, bug hunting, and other fixes in the CiviCRM Core/extensions


Learn more about Cividesk, a top CiviCRM consultant.

Cividesk : CiviCRM Consultant

Overview of this CiviCRM Extension Consultant

Cividesk is another group of experts that can help you better manage and choose your CiviCRM extensions. As soon as you download CiviCRM, Cividesk can help set up your system, download the necessary extensions, and ensure all tools are up to date. Basically, they provide a customized infrastructure for daily operations that fits your exact needs. 

Here’s how Cividesk can help your nonprofit:

  • Fully implement CiviCRM, including installation, personalized configuration, data migration, website integration, and more
  • Train staff members and users on how to use CiviCRM for their role at your organization
  • Consistent support with a monthly subscription model

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