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Improve Fundraising Efficiency with Brickwork and iATS Online Forms

Jul 14, 2020

Adoption of technology has not always been a priority for most nonprofits. Many nonprofits are required to spend their income directly on their mission instead of on streamlining their operations.  

In today's world, however, nonprofit leaders know their charities can provide more public value by improving operational efficiency. Becoming more efficient is likely to strengthen its mission's impact and make them more competitive when collecting donations.  

Many technology companies that serve the nonprofit sector understand the challenges faced by nonprofits of all sizes and tailor their solutions to those needs, from donor management to online fundraising. For example, Salesforce offers the Nonprofit Success Pack, a free, open-source donor and constituent management app developed by Salesforce and supported by a community of Salesforce employees, partners, and customers.  

The main benefit of maintaining an organized and up-to-date database of your donors is that it simplifies and accelerates the fundraising process, making sure you have a steady flow of income to support your mission.   

We understand this, which is why iATS Payments has partnered with many like-minded companies to integrate our solutions and provide our nonprofit clients with the most value.  

With a dedicated focus on nonprofits, we've created solutions to common problems your nonprofit faces:  


Brickwork by iATS  

Brickwork is a fully integrated, native Salesforce app that reduces manual data entry costs and streamlines your payment processes. Integrating seamlessly with Salesforce CRM and NPSP, Brickwork simplifies donor updates, batch importing, and scheduled recurring donations.   

Brickwork being a native Salesforce app means that it was built in Salesforce for Salesforce. This ensures you can easily maintain your donor database and avoid creating duplicate contacts or missing a new donor. You can also keep your donor database and transaction history all in one convenient place.  

Our app is free to download, installation is easy and immediate, and there's no need for technical skills to set up and manage Brickwork.  


Learn more about Brickwork by iATS.


iATS Online Forms  

You don't need to have a CRM such as Salesforce to accept payments. Many smaller nonprofits prefer to fundraise using online forms. iATS Online Forms help you easily collect donations. You can add iATS Online Forms to any page on your website to instantly create a donation page.   

Research has shown that donors can choose not to donate over security concerns and may feel uneasy if redirected to an external payment website. Embedding an iATS Online Form keeps donors on your website, ensuring they won't be redirected. This also reinforces your message, improves donor experience and helps you convert one-time donors into recurring ones. 


Learn more about iATS Online Forms.


Use Brickwork and Online Forms Simultaneously  

Brickwork is integrated with our online forms solution, allowing you to sell merchandise, accept donations, and attract new donors from multiple places. Using Brickwork and Online Forms together can dramatically improve the way your nonprofit manages donors and donations. 

If you are both an Online Forms and Brickwork customer, you can accept donations on your website via an embedded online form. Donor and transaction data from the online form is automatically updated in Brickwork, saving you the time and hassle of updating your records manually.  

Brickwork and Online Forms can be used together at no extra cost, which means that you can improve your nonprofit’s operational efficiency without incurring the additional cost usually associated with adopting new solutions. 


Adapt and Innovate with iATS  

In a very competitive market for donations, your nonprofit's ability to be flexible and adapt to changing external conditions will determine if you can sufficiently serve your community.   

Investing the time and resources in technology to improve operations reduces long term costs and fosters a culture of growth and transparency. Using products like Brickwork and Online Forms on their own but especially together will save your nonprofit money and time, make fundraising easier and improve donor retention.  


Use Brickwork and iATS Online Forms Today.