Office Administrator and Executive Assistant

One moment you are making sure the president is prepared for his meeting with a major partner and offering your opinion on what he should say, the next you are ordering supplies and choosing the next flavour of coffee for the office before making sure that the next trip of the VP sales is scheduled properly.  In a few minutes, you will be attending the executive meeting to take minutes.

You are definitely not limited to one type of task in this fast pace environment and there is no doubt that without you the office would come to a screeching halt.

If this sounds like you, you could be iATS next Office Administrator and Executive Assistant.

Here are the details of what may be involved in your typical day:

  • Maintain electronic and hard copy filing systems for the office and the executives
  • Manage shipping and receiving, office supplies, in-coming and out-going correspondence. Negotiate terms with specific suppliers.
  • Prepare and modify documents and reports; including correspondence, drafts, memos, emails and meeting minutes
  • Coordinate with building Maintenance, building safety committee, Security and IT support teams. Set-up and/or troubleshoot office equipment and as required
  • Book travel, schedule meetings and process expense reports for the leadership team.
  • Create a friendly, positive and organized office environment
  • Order lunches for meetings and special events
  • Manage phone lists, email lists, card audits, etc.
  • Assist with the yearly audit
  • Perform other tasks and duties as requested by the executive team

To do all this, you will need:

  • Top notch communication. This is one of the most important skills for this position, both written and verbal
  • Computer skills. Proficiency in this area goes beyond simple word processing and spreadsheets. You will need to use your savvy computer-based skills to maintain records, set up filing systems and manage daily operations.  You will also need to work with our SalesForce CRM system
  • Interpersonal skills. You will not only be working with other staff members, you might also be interacting with clients and suppliers.
  • When working with the executive team, you will be exposed to sensitive company information.  You will need to maintain strict confidentiality and practice discretion.
  • Time management. You not only need to manage your own time well, you also need to be on top of the schedule for the executive team which may change several times a day.


In short, we’re looking for a superhero!  If it’s you, we’d like to meet!

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