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What does Brickwork do?

A free payment application built natively on Salesforce, Brickwork allows you to accept one-time and recurring Credit Card, ACH, and Direct Debit transactions directly in your Salesforce environment.

Some of the main unique Brickwork features include:

  • Direct integration with Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
  • Batch import which allows for mass processing of transactions (donations), scheduling of recurring donations, and making updates
  • Free online donation form for your website – called Aura
  • Fully PCI Compliant - which translates to highest security of your donations
  • Free and personalized client and partner support
  • Multi-currency
  • And much more!

Find out more in our Brickwork Installation and Configuration Guide.

Does Brickwork include a donation form?

Yes, it does! By default, Brickwork comes with a donation form called Aura. Or if you'd like to look at additional form functionality, we offer integration with our partners at Form Assembly.

Please see the iATS Connector: Brickwork and Form Assembly Guide for best practices or contact our Customer Care.

What are my payment options with Brickwork?

Your nonprofit can accept all major credit cards, ACH and Direct Debit. Brickwork accepts multiple currencies and enables your donors or constituents to pay in one-time or recurring transactions.

Where can I get Brickwork and how much does it cost?

Brickwork is a free payment app which you can download on the Salesforce AppExchange. The first step to accept donations through Brickwork is to set up an iATS Merchant Account – please contact our Sales Department to get started.

Do I need to have an iATS merchant account while using Brickwork?

Yes, Brickwork will only work with an iATS Merchant Account. Here's how you can set that up:

  1. Contact our Sales Department first
  2. Fill in the Application Form they provide you
  3. Wait 24-48 hours for approval and you’re good to go!
How long will it take to install and integrate Brickwork with my NPSP?

Install is simple, easy and instantaneous. There is no need to have any technical skills to set up and manage Brickwork. However, in order to configure Brickwork settings you need a Salesforce administrator who will have a basic knowledge and permission to download apps, modify object page layouts and add Lightning specific elements.

We created an easy to follow installation checklist on page 12 in our Brickwork Installation and Configuration Guide, so your configuration goes even smoother than before.

What is the NPSP?

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a free, open-source Salesforce app built specifically for nonprofits through a large global community of developers, users and partners actively supporting the nonprofit sector. The NPSP is preconfigured for nonprofits as an-easy-to-use fundraising and constituent management application, designed to make the daily life of nonprofits a little easier. To learn more, watch a video about NPSP or to visit NPSP website.

Do you have any demos which will help me get started with Brickwork?

Yes, we do! We have multiple videos which will help you get started – you can find them on our website here. We also have multiple guides, checklists and other resources, too – you can find them all here.

Just a hint, resources are continuously updated based on the new version release or any updates, we recommend checking emails from us or keep this page bookmarked.

Why aren't my Aura transactions importing into Salesforce?

The most likely reason is that you have not yet created a Salesforce site and added it to the Postback URL field found on your Aura Form setup. You can set this up by following the instructions in the Brickwork Installation Guide on page 25.

If the Salesforce Site and Postback URL has already been setup but the Aura transactions are still not posting, please reach out to our Customer Care team for further assistance.

Why aren't my recurring transactions importing into Salesforce?

This might mean that you have not yet scheduled the Nightly Download Journal Import. You can schedule this by following the instructions below:

  1. Within Setup, use quick find to locate Apex Classes.
  2. Click the Schedule Apex button and enter “iATS Nightly Download Journal” for the job name.
  3. Within Apex Class, select the “iATSPayments_journal_log”.
  4. Select “Weekly” as the frequency, select each day of the week, preferred start and end date and time (In your own time zone).
  5. Save.

For more details, please see page on page 25 of the Brickwork Installation Guide. If the Nightly Download Journal Import has already been setup but the recurring transactions are still not importing, please reach out to our Customer Care team for further assistance.

How do I schedule a recurring donation (for each NPSP extension)?

To schedule a recurring donation using the NPSP Recurring Donations Object (recommended), follow the full instructions found on page 18 of the Brickwork User Guide.

To schedule a recurring donation using the NPSP Payments Object, follow the full instructions in the Brickwork User Guide on page 17.

How do I make my Opportunities automatically relate to campaigns, or reflect a specific record type, etc.?

There are three different methods that you can use to relate your Opportunities to campaigns or record types.

Method 1. Add the ID’s onto the URL of the “Donate” button or link which hosts the embedded Aura form.
Method 2. Add the ID’s onto the end of the Salesforce Site within Aura Setup while creating the Aura form. If using Aura Connect for Facebook, we recommend using this option.
Method 3. Add the ID’s onto the end of a URL, such as included within an email blast, or online post.

Full instructions for all three methods are found on page 28-29 of the Brickwork Installation Guide.

How do I map fields from Aura?

By default, all donor data that is included on an online Aura donation form is posted to the iATS/Brickwork custom fields located on the Opportunity record (or Recurring Donation record in the case of our Recurring Donation NPSP app integration). The Aura Field Mapping options can be enabled and customized to map any Aura field data to any other Salesforce field on the Contact, Opportunity, iATS Transactions, iATS Customer Code, and Recurring Donation Records.

Full instructions for setting up Aura Field Mapping are found on page 21 of the Brickwork Installation Guide.

What do I do when I receive an error stating “Cannot execute flow trigger”?

This error usually means that your organization has setup a process builder or custom trigger that is not working correctly with Aura and Brickwork. We recommend reviewing your process builders and custom triggers to determine what is causing the error. If you cannot locate the issue, please reach out to our Customer Care team for further assistance.

What do I do when I receive an error stating “Invalid Username or Password”?

This error usually means that the client code and password information stored in Salesforce under the “iATS Merchant Accounts” tab is incorrect. We recommend reviewing the client code and password information that is stored, and updating it if it is invalid. If you do not know the current password, please reach out to our Customer care team for further assistance.

What is Brickwork’s batch feature?

Brickwork's Batch Entry Process feature allows you to process or update mass transactions in one step by importing a file into Salesforce and communicating directly with iATS Payments. We include a history log, excel batch entry templates, email notifications, options for relating the new records to existing donors and campaigns, and utilizing specific record types.

For more information about how you can use a batch feature, see page 12 of Brickwork User Guide.

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