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iATS puts customized fraud protection to work for Pachamama Alliance

Target, Home Depot and other large for-profit businesses aren't the only ones susceptible to online fraud and data breaches. Hackers also target nonprofits, seeking access to financial files and other sensitive data. The need for online security is growing as nonprofits find they not only run the risk of losing money, but also donor trust, if someone breaches their systems.

Pachamama Alliance, a nonprofit that works with the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their land and culture, turned to iATS Payments after the payment processor found irregularities in the nonprofit's accounts. iATS worked with the nonprofit to identify the breach and customize a set of online security tools to fit Pachamama Alliance's needs to ensure future safety. iATS walked the organization through all of the security measures available to them and described which ones they hadn't implemented and which ones they needed. Working closely together to find the best security solutions kept the same hackers at bay when the criminals tried to breach the nonprofit's system a second time.

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