The health and safety of our employees, partners and the non-profit community is a top priority. As we all navigate the COVID-19 health crisis, iATS Payments is focused on taking care of our people, and continuing to provide the highest levels of support to those that need it. Learn more about what we are doing here. For additional support, email

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Helping Habit blends volunteer management, donation processing, nonprofit data management in a way that aligns the needs of nonprofit organizations with the schedules and passions of volunteers and donors.
They make it easy for potential volunteers to connect quickly with your organization, whether that is for a one-time volunteer event, ongoing volunteer opportunity, a fundraising event, or to donate. Helping Habit offers tools for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to attract, track, and retain volunteers and donors. They’ve built our platform in collaboration with nonprofits in order to best meet your needs and objectives. We actively solicit feedback from our nonprofit partners and implement that feedback to ensure we are continually adding value and solving the issues facing nonprofits every day.
As a Public Benefit Corporation, their goal is to provide as much value to all nonprofits as possible. Helping Habit strives to increase awareness to nonprofits' causes, improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase volunteerism and donations overall.

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