Tips for engaging with corporate giving

We've established that workplace donation programs need attention; employees want transparency and communication with the charity. Corporate giving can take many forms and can be approached in different ways depending on the interests and opportunities of the company as a result. Here are two tips for addressing corporate giving:

Appeal to the market
Business leaders are increasingly motivated to involve their companies in charitable giving because consumers prefer to buy from brands that do good work, reported Triple Pundit. This means most businesses are in the market for a charity to set up a program with. They will naturally do their research and some will likely brainstorm with their teams. Arguably, they will be attracted to young or small charities because the impact and growth is more visible. Consider who might be in looking for a partnership and determine how your nonprofit meets their needs. As always, make sure your website, social media presence and donation forms are all easily accessible and user-friendly before appealing to a company. In the best case scenario, employees will want to connect, share and donate right away - and you want to be ready. 

Offer alternatives
Despite the market encouragement to incorporate donating into for-profit business models, the end of the one-way giving system may be here, predicted Forbes. Corporate social responsibility has a new focus on activities that benefit society. Since executives worry their charitable investments get little in return, orient your corporate program to include the business in a hands-on way. Turn the partnership into a mutual beneficial relationship in which both the business and nonprofit see rewards, argued Marc Koenig at Nonprofit Hub. Encourage the transparency and communication employees want to see and consider how the interests of the company you're involved with align with the goals of the nonprofit. Suggest volunteer opportunities that will bolster work culture and encourage ways for the business to share your message and fundraise. 

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