Online Giving Lessons We Learned During 2016: The Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival

Throughout 2016, online giving has been a hot topic for writers and influencers in the nonprofit space. Why? Well, online fundraising has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and it is quickly solidifying its place in the philanthropic landscape.

With more and more donors seeking out online channels to give their generous support, it’s no surprise that countless industry thought leaders are dedicating their time to put hand to keyboard and dole out some great advice.

That’s why, after careful deliberation, we’ve decided that “Online Giving Lessons We Learned During 2016” is going to be the Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival’s next theme.

The finished carnival will be published here, on the iATS Payment’s blog, and will go live at the beginning of December, just in time for careful reflection before the New Year.

Before going much further, let’s pause for a moment to review what exactly the Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival is (for those who aren’t already in the know).

The Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival

The carnival is a monthly article roundup that is “dedicated to curating the best information the web has to offer for members of the nonprofit community looking to polish their fundraising tactics and learn more about innovative ways to incorporate technology.”

Read the full description and information about how you can get involved by checking out the carnival main page. Simply click here.

The iATS Theme — Online Giving Lessons from 2016

We’re excited to be the hosting blog this time around and are equally excited about the theme we’ve chosen.

‘Online Giving Lessons’ is a meaty topic, and we’re looking forward to all the insights the community has to offer.

Specifically, we want to hear your thoughts on topics like embracing mobile fundraising, rethinking email campaigns, and combining your online and offline fundraising strategies.

In other words…

What has 2016 taught you about online fundraising, and how do you think those lessons can help others succeed as well?

Maybe you want to create a custom piece for this carnival, or maybe you have an existing resource that provides best practices related to this very topic.

We’re open to a wide range of submissions. If you have actionable and educational insights related to online giving in 2016, we want to hear from you!

Think you have a guide, article, or resource that works? Please send all submissions to me, Blake Mayes, by November 25th.

How You Can Participate?

Ready to participate and unsure of the next steps? You’re in the right place.

First, if you’d like to send in a submission for this month’s theme, email the following information to me:

  • Your (the author’s) name
  • Your blog’s/website’s name
  • Your post’s title
  • Your post’s permalink
  • A brief description of your topic

My email is Submissions are due by the 25th of November.

Second, if you want to get involved but don’t have anything to send in this time around, there are still ways you can support the carnival, including:

  • Participating as a host in future months.
  • Spreading the word about the carnival to your friends and colleagues.

Have additional questions? Please direct all queries to my email.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the excellent content you send in, so get to typing!

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