Online charity networks share resources, awareness efforts for small organizations

Many nonprofits struggle to break into new markets quickly, particularly in light of the recent economic downturn. As a result, some organizations are pigeon-holed to a certain level, and may have a hard time expanding or increasing contributions. Rather than fighting competition and a lack of awareness alone, many nonprofits are teaming up to create online charity networks that build off each other for increased visibility and donations. Because the platforms are online, the charities can develop the networks faster and share information and donation page options more easily with donors across a wide population.

Network success stories
East-West Digital News reported an online charity social network has been launched in Siberia to electronically connect patients with donors. The network aims to enable handicapped children in the Tomsk region to share their stories with the public and generate digital donations to support medical services at local children's hospitals. The social network directly connects children and parents in need of medical assistance in the region with donors worldwide, allowing the parties to engage in discussions and share stories. While the children in need may find emotional and financial support through the online portal, family members of patients can also access legal and medical information to ease some of their burdens. The social component of the network makes it cost-efficient in reaching new donors and allows contributors to select a patient they wish to help through transparent communications and visibility.

Similarly, is teaming up with the United Nations World Food Programme to raise funds worldwide to stop hunger. Through the collaboration, donors can create personalized campaigns via social networks that increase awareness and contributions for specific causes within the network. The online donation portals are segmented based on region and organization, but benefit from a community-type environment that optimizes resources to reach more donors worldwide. In supporting one organization, a donor may discover information about a similar cause in another region they are also interested in supporting. Thus, the social component of the platform enables more awareness.

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