Fundraising Technology Trends 2018

New Year, New Tech – Trends in Fundraising Technology for 2018

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of the technology you’re using to manage your fundraising program. While you evaluate what’s working, and what could be improved, why not also take a look at some trends and emerging technologies that could make the coming year your best ever? Let’s review 3 important fundraising technology trends for 2018.

  1. Mobile Giving. The ever-increasing popularity of mobile donations is fundamentally changing the way nonprofits manage fundraising campaigns. Studies show that simply adding a mobile donation option a nonprofit’s website can increase donations by an average of 126%! To double down on that benefit, express checkout options on the online store portion of a website can increase sales and donations by 55%.

    The convenience of mobile giving enables nonprofits to capture donations at a time or place where traditional point of sale technology isn’t available. That ever present mobile phone can help collect donations during face to face fundraising, pop-up events, or wherever your creative fundraising takes you.

  2. Text to Give. Going hand in hand with mobile giving, “text to give” campaigns have proven to be incredibly popular with all demographics of potential donors. This is particularly evident in response to natural disasters, when the need for donations arises quickly. In a dramatic example of how powerful text to give can be, the Canadian Red Cross received an unprecedented 250 000 text to give donations in response to the 2016 wild fires in Fort McMurray, AB. Not only was the response swift, but follow up calls to the text to give donors grew the funds exponentially. Including donations from the text to give campaign, donations to the wild fires reached $86 million in just 10 days.

    Time is of the essence when it comes to natural disasters, and text to give campaigns combine the convenience of mobile giving with the urgency of a text message.

    If your cause isn’t quite so urgent, text to give can still provide a processing boost by making donations easy, interesting and hassle free for individuals who wish to give on their own schedules. If your donor base includes millennials, or you would like to target the younger demographic more this year, text to give is worth a try.

  3. Crowdfunding. Another giving trend for 2018 is the increasing popularity of crowdfunding technology. Crowdfunding uses an online platform to solicit small donations from large numbers of people. The funds often contribute to a specific need, like building a well for a village. Crowdfunding campaigns generated over $34 billion in global donations in 2015, and that number continues to grow.

    By providing donors with the ability to donate to a specific cause, person or event, rather than a general need, crowdfunding brings donors and causes closer than ever. With the help of social media, which is commonly used among crowdfunding donors, crowdfunding campaigns can also bring increased visibility to your cause.

As technology evolves to make donating easier, it also brings clarity to how donations make real change in the world. By embracing these donation improvements, we anticipate that 2018 will be a record setting year for nonprofits. Some of our partners are doing amazing things in the world of fundraising tech, so if you’re interested in adding something new to your campaigns this year, it’s worth taking a look at our partner catalogue.

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