It isn't too late for a year-end fundraising push

The end of the year is already right around the corner. While it may seem like it's too late to implement a successful year-end campaign if you've procrastinated, there are a few things you can do now to make December a success. In fact, the average person makes 24 percent of his or her donations between Thanksgiving and New Years, according to an infographic from Bloomerang and Pursuant. Some charities may even see a spike in giving totals during the last week of the year. Nonprofits can still craft a strong appeal for year-end giving. In particular, organizations that accept donations online may stand to gain the most in November and December.

How to encourage holiday giving
For many people, December is already a time of giving to friends and family members, and this mentality can extend to charity as well. Even if you're getting a late start on holiday fundraising efforts, it doesn't mean you should do nothing until 2015, a white paper from Salsa Labs stated. 

Many organizations spend months building their donor list and tailoring their appeals to be perfect. If you're short on time, it may be a good idea to focus on the most important goal you want to achieve by the end of the year. Charities often focus on new donor acquisition, increasing the total number of year-end gifts or boosting average donation size.

Direct mail is still one of the most common ways to reach contributors at the end of the year, but a successful campaign requires a great deal of planning. If you're running low on time, email or social media may be more effective because you can make an instant connection with donors. As people spend more time on their mobile devices, you have a way to ensure your messages reach the right people.

Direct contributors to your online donation form
Making charitable giving as easy as possible during the holiday seasons is one of the best ways to ensure you meet your year-end goals, Salsa Labs suggested. Depending on your donation form, you can securely store contributors' credit card information so they can complete a transaction with one click when they return to your website. The holiday season is a busy time for many people, so this added convenience can ensure higher levels of giving.

In addition, the spirit of generosity may translate to an increase in recurring gifts. Donors may be willing to sign up for small monthly contributions. However, you can't leave this to chance. Encourage individuals - whether they are new to your organization or existing members of your database - to enroll for recurring gifts in your holiday marketing efforts. One of the most effective ways to increase monthly giving is to tell people a specific difference a small gift could make for someone in need. For example, you could tell donors the number of meals a specific amount would provide for a hungry family. You can build an option to sign up for recurring gifts in your regular donation form to make this process easy and convenient. 

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