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Introducing the #iATSInnovator Award 2018

We’re almost 2 months into 2018 but it’s never too late to start a good resolution, and this year all of us at iATS are resolved to do more to support the growth and sustainability of the nonprofit community. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the #iATSInnovator Award

We’ve been supporting the nonprofit ecosystem for over 20 years and we know firsthand how innovative this community can be when it comes to fundraising, growing cause awareness, and donor management. We introduced the #iATSInnovator Award as a way to hear your stories, and reward an organization demonstrating excellence in fundraising innovation.    

Did you run a successful campaign that resulted in your highest donations to date? Recruit more volunteers and recurring donors in 2017? Increase table sales at your annual gala? Introduce some fundraising technology that you can’t stop talking about?

Big or small, whatever it is that contributes to your success, we want to hear about it! We hope you have a win that you want to share with us and the non-profit community!


What are the selection criteria?
We’re looking for an organization with a great cause that could use a boost in 2018, and all iATS nonprofit customers are eligible to apply. We want to share some of the winning best practices with the nonprofit community, so you’ll need to be open to sharing. Specifically, we’re looking for a nonprofit that can tell us about:

  • Creative fundraising campaign ideas
  • Big success stories from 2017
  • Innovative uses of technology
  • Exciting plans for 2018

Applications are open until March 6th.

What’s included in the Award package?
With a value of $10 000 USD, The Innovator Award will be used to support and grow your mission in a variety of ways. At least half of the award will be given as a donation to your cause, and we’ll consult with you to determine how we can best use the rest to grow your organization. Some suggestions:

  • Tickets to a fundraising event
  • Nonprofit leadership training
  • Access to agencies/freelancers 
  • Your unlimited Creative ideas

We’ll also use our own platform to grow awareness of your cause by sharing your story online, via social channels, and writing up a case study you can share with your own potential donors. Have some other great ideas? Awesome. We can’t wait to help you turn those ideas into reality!

Want to up your chances of winning?
Ask for a nomination! We’re inviting all of our technology partners to nominate the causes that matter to them, so why not give your technology provider a friendly reminder that your cause could use a boost. Your technology partner can provide a nomination using the link below.

Nominate a Nonprofit Now

What if you’re not selected?
We’re committed to spreading the good news about all interested nonprofits. We can only select one winner, but we’ll use our blog and social media channels to give a shout out to all causes that apply. Just include your logo, social tags and a description of your cause in the application process and we’ll do our part to bring some attention to the great work you do.

We can’t WAIT to hear about the great work you’re doing and what we can do to help.

Contact us for more information.



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