iATS founder to speak at London charity conference in February

The 24th Charities and Associations Event, otherwise known as CHASE 2016, kicks off in London Feb. 16-17, and iATS Payments' founder and chief operating officer is scheduled to speak about the future of online giving. Tom Epplett will discuss how new developments in technology change the landscape of donations to nonprofits and charities. From certified payment processing to online fundraising tools along with mobile wallets on the rise, cash and paper check contributions could be on their way out.

Epplett's talk, "The Future of Donations - Is Cash History?" is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time on Tuesday, Feb. 16 at the Business Design Centre in London. iATS's head will discuss how more nonprofits are accepting donations online. 

An innovative forum
iATS joins a host of other for-profit companies working to deliver advice and assistance to the nonprofit sector. Conference House launched the CHASE meetings as way to connect nonprofits with the professional goods and services they need to operate efficiently and effectively. Speakers host seminars and workshops on everything from people management skills to fundraising best practices and marketing techniques. 

According to the CHASE 2016 website, registration for the events is still open.

Why attend a conference?
Attending an event like CHASE isn't necessary for all nonprofits, but showing up to seminars and meetings can not only educate you but give you a different perspective on how to run your nonprofit. Conferences can teach you new approaches and skills to better delegate tasks or more efficiently use the resources you have on hand. A workshop is also a great way to learn from others and find out how your industry is changing so you can keep your organization ahead of the curve.

Not only can you gain skills and knowledge to take back to your office, attending conferences are also great ways to network with other professionals whether they're in the for-profit or nonprofit sectors. Seminars are the perfect venue to strike up conversations with new people and find out how your organizations can work together and for each other. In fact, nonprofit managers can learn about all facets of their industry during the two-day CHASE symposium.  

Leaders can expect lectures on how to better personalize relations with board members and donors and how to effectively use social media to get their message out to the public. 

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