How to improve offline fundraising for increased online donations

Nonprofits need to be strong in every aspect of fundraising. This means having an effective offline promotional approach as well as an online one. Donor outreach in person and on the Internet both play a significant role in spreading cause awareness, and a cohesive online and offline approach will allow for a better experience for donors. A more positive connection for donors could prompt them to fill out more online donation request forms. People who develop relationships face-to-face with nonprofit leaders or employees want to be able to venture online and have the same experience on the Internet as they did in person. This requires having strong face-to-face outreach skills and creative fundraising ideas that will offer a seamless connection between offline efforts and online advocacy strategies.

The right way to ask for donations
Asking for a donation is daunting, but a necessary task if you're in the business. np ENGAGE pointed out that the donation request is a combination of artful tactics and scientific understanding. It's important to pay attention to how to ask the question as well as the verbal and nonverbal queues that potential donors give. Developing soft skills while also becoming comfortable rolling with the punches is one way to answer questions, initiate interest, tell stories and ask for donations for the organization.

Soft skills have a direct impact on how people react to asking for donations. np ENGAGE says to smile often, show sincerity, have an open countenance and keep calm. These small details will have a surprisingly big effect on prospects' attitudes and could lead to more donations. One of the most important parts of face-to-face fundraising is to remember that the purpose is to build relationships, not just gather money. Ken Burnett, a fundraising consultant, says to never interrupt anyone and focus on a smooth and meaningful conversation.

Why face-to-face is so important
Solidifying in-person fundraising will be extremely beneficial when looking to increase online donations. Many nonprofits accept donations online and need to increase their awareness both offline and online. Building a good rapport with donors, volunteers and other community members will spread cause awareness and help grow the image of the organization. A charity website needs to be filled with success stories, personal testimonials and photos or videos from past events. This is only possible if nonprofits have strong relationships with their supporters in person. Having a strong balance with online and offline fundraising will improve the nonprofit across the board.

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