How to create an effective donation form

Online fundraising means utilizing the nonprofit website to increase donations. This is only possible if the site has great donation forms. Organizations can change up their forms every once in a while, but it's important to keep the fundamentals the same so donors are able to give money quickly and easily. Most people are busy and want to donate to causes without any hassle, and this means forms have to be short and simple.

Here are four easy steps for how nonprofits can create a strong donation form that will attract donors and allow them to give during their busy schedule:

1. A sleek design
The more simple and hassle-free the donation process looks, the more people will be prompted to fill it out. Nonprofit source npENGAGE says to "remove all barriers" by cleaning up the webpage and form and ridding any potential distractions. Only ask for donor information that is absolutely necessary and let them go on their way.

2. Adjusting copy
The NonProfit Times pointed out that changing small details will make all the difference. For instance, changing the "submit" button to say "support our cause" or something along those lines will impact the donation experience. Try this in a couple different places on the form and see if it helps.

3. Don't forget mobile optimization
If donation forms are optimized for smartphones and tablets, nonprofits will reach a wider audience and offer donors more opportunities to give. People interact on their mobile devices on the go and can fit in a donation whenever and wherever if they can fill out the form easily no matter what the device is.

4. Look into images
Keeping forms simple and distraction-free is key, but some organizations have found that adding a meaningful picture above the form makes it visually appealing and reaches donors on a deeper level.

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