Holding a successful auction

Charity auctions are an excellent way to raise funds while also creating awareness of your nonprofit organization. However, the promotion of the event, the items being auctioned and the payment and bidding methods might be the make or break factors for a successful auction. Here are a few helpful tips to follow for the planning of your next charity auction:

Spread the word
No matter what type of auction you're planning, one of the most important aspects of success is marketing the event.

Use all platforms of the Internet to promote the auction. Provide a highlight of it in your regular e-newsletter, talk about it on social media and post information on your website or blog.

Be innovative
The digital age is expanding beyond the typical verbal bidding or silent auction options.

Now, nonprofits can host auctions on the Internet or allow patrons to bid through mobile applications during the event. For the online model, organizations can either use an auction site of their own creation or they can utilize well-known sites like eBay.

According to its website, the program eBay Giving Works not only exposes organizations to its own realm of 145 million users, but it also allows nonprofit organizations to list items without any fees. 

The newly emerging feature of online bidding changes the game for charity auctions.

Instead of making guests travel back and forth from their tables during dinner to bid on an item, mobile applications like BidPal allow donors to secure items right from their phones.

Additionally, mobile bidding software can, over time, help you determine the types of auction items that do well and are snatched up by your supporters.

If you see that your donors prefer culinary-based auction items, then you know to skew your future auctions toward food and cooking items.


Auction items that sell
Presenting goods that guests will actually want to buy both rewards their efforts and brings in more money for your organization.

Katherine Sheane, a marketing manager at 501 Auctions, told The NonProfit Times that sports memorabilia, signed music items, fine dining and fashion are generally profitable categories at auctions. Not only are these items attractive to bidders, but they tend to sell at higher prices.

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