Hear iATS Payments' innovative fundraising strategies at Digital Nonprofit Conference 2016.

Just when a nonprofit thinks it has a handle on its digital operations, a new social platform or other disruptive online trend comes along to alter donor expectations and existing best practices. That's why Netsquared Vancouver began hosting its annual Digital Nonprofit Conference.

The event is a chance for organizations to come together and share new ideas while exploring the possibility of implementing innovative channels and technology into existing marketing and donor management strategies. iATS Payments will be taking part in this year's Digital Nonprofit conference on April 13, 2016 to discuss new fundraising solutions and to answer questions regarding modern payment processing.

Introduction to tech
The lineup of presenters at the 2016 Digital Nonprofit conference includes prominent technical writers, expert marketing professionals and heads of successful organizations. Famous bloggers and nonprofit leaders will present information, education materials and demonstrations to help audiences understand how their particular organizations can get ahead with the opportunities presented by modern technology.

Panels will discuss the benefits of running a nonprofit in the 21st century, using social channels and other platforms to create professional networks, locating digital talent, managing donor details with CRM software, and finding the technology that seamlessly works with current infrastructure and a nonprofit's brand.

Fundraising online
At this year's conference, iATS Payments' resident tech geek - and vice president of marketing and business development - Stephen Bestbier will participate in a panel on how to make sure donors don't hit obstacles when trying to financially contribute to nonprofits.

iATS' presentation will share facts and figures on disruptive technology and when it's time to update current payment procedures to attract audiences that want convenient and safe transactions. Any organization that's exploring new ways to accept gifts online - or through innovative point-of-sale devices - should stop by the panel to hear about the company's unique solutions to modern demands.

Come and meet us
One of the best parts of these events is interacting with nonprofits that share an organization's goals. Peer-presented information comes straight from a source with similar resources and questions about new ideas. A lunch session Q&A will provide attendees with a chance to speak directly to presenters, and iATS Payments Account Manager Patricia O'Connor will be on hand to give her personal insight into how nonprofits can successfully collect donations.

Besides that, iATS Payments will have a booth at the event to exchange ideas with attendees about what modern technology means to the nonprofit world and how payment processing fits into future initiatives.

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