Embracing a strong nonprofit culture

For nonprofits to attract loyal and dedicated supporters, they need to first invest in their culture and fundraising intentions. The culture of a charity organization depends heavily on how well the employees and volunteers care for the cause and how they go about achieving the funds to make a difference in the world.

Making it a priority to establish a strong working environment will pay off in the long run as more people will see how the nonprofit has a solid foundation and donations will go to a well-run organization. If leaders, employees and volunteers are dedicated to their work and raising awareness for something they truly care about, this passion will motivate potential givers to donate to the organization and build a relationship with the nonprofit.

Creating a culture from the top down
The right culture starts with strong leadership. Whether you are in administration at a church or on the board of directors at a nonprofit, the culture of your organization is largely influenced by those in charge.

While everyone is responsible for maintaining a good culture and keeping the nonprofit's mission at the core of the work day, the CEO or executive director has the special task of leading his or her team through the good and the bad with the hope of advancing the cause and raising funds despite setbacks.

The morale of the entire team relies on the direction of the CEO, as employees will follow their leader with trust and excitement if he or she has garnered a respectable reputation.

For leaders to truly guide their nonprofits forward, they need to:

  • Lay a good foundation of mission-focused efforts.
  • Utilize the ideas and opinions of the workforce.
  • Strategize about raising awareness.
  • Take into account the various online fundraising tools available.

Thinking about the future and investing in the proper technology that allows the organization to accept online donations are just a couple of the ways leaders can influence a strong culture and guide their staff forward.

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