Crafting a strong case statement: Part 1

A case statement gives a short synopsis of your nonprofit and serves as a tool to convince someone to contribute to your organization. It should be both brief and intriguing. You can publish your case statement as a brochure or flyer and leave these materials with potential donors to encourage them to give to your charity.

When crafting a case statement, ensure you create a compelling one that will effectively solicit donations from new and current benefactors. Follow these guidelines to help you write a high-quality case statement:

Imagine your audience
Knowing exactly who your target audience is can help you determine how to approach your case statement. The Nonprofit Times suggested trying to imagine yourself as a donor. Consider what would appeal to you about a charity and why you would be compelled to donate to an organization.

Providing a call to action for the individual reading your case statement also enhances the effectiveness of your work. Imagine writing to one person and put them at the center of your writing. Reference 'you' specifically to draw your audience in.

Identify what your nonprofit's mission past and future entail
Ensure that your case statement clearly lets readers know what your organization strives to accomplish. The Fundraising Authority noted that the mission and future vision you see are crucial components to include when crafting your statement.

In addition to future goals, describe the origins of your nonprofit and what accomplishments make you most proud. Allow the reader to get to know you as an organization and become familiar with who you were and who you continue to strive to become.

Let your readers know what their contribution does
Providing potential donors with evidence of your nonprofit's previous success or letting them know specifically how their monetary gift will propel your organization's mission is an effective way to encourage your audience to donate to your charity. Be specific and describe how all donations are used and how they help with your nonprofit's mission.

Make your potential donor the hero and show them the good that they can do. An individual is more likely to donate if they see how their gift can help propel betterment in our world.

Tell your audience what you need
When creating your case statement, include your financial needs. The Fundraising Authority noted that it is crucial to explain how much money you need to reach your goals and continue to improve as an organization.

Incorporate a sense of urgency in your statement. Inform readers when you need to raise certain sums of money by to accomplish the mission you constantly strive for. Let donors know specifically where their donation will go and why it is important.

Consider including the amount of money you currently have raised to reach your goal and how much further you need to go. This can inspire individuals to give a higher amount when filling out a donation form.

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