3 Surefire Strategies to Boost Membership Growth

Looking to grow your association? You've come to the right post!

Finding innovative ways to engage your members and attract new prospective members can seem tricky, but there are a few tactics that never fail when it comes to growing your association.

What strategies are we talking about? Let's go through them one by one:

1. Focus on retention first.

2. Keep the membership application process simple.

3. Stay on top of member data (and use it).

1. Focus on retention first.

While seeking out new prospects for your association is important, your team's first priority should be engaging existing members in an effort to retain them over time.

Focusing on member retention first, rather than recruitment, will allow you to gain deeper insight into what makes your membership program successful. That way, when you do draw in new members, you'll be able to engage them long-term and ultimately grow your association even further than through recruitment alone. 

How do you do it?

Offer automatic membership renewal.

Allow members to opt in to recurring membership fee payments so they never have to remember to renew. Convenience is king, and this super-convenient option can't be beat when it comes to retaining members.

Ask for feedback from members.

Send out surveys to see how your association measures up to your members' expectations; then, adjust your strategies moving forward to ensure member satisfaction.

Analyze your success with reports.

Work with a payment processor that offers in-depth analytics on your association's transactions. You should be able to customize these reports to capture the data you need to measure your success.

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Let us walk you through our top tips to engaging your members and increasing retention.

2. Keep the membership application process simple.

One of the first interactions your new members may have with your association is the membership application. 

To avoid deterring potential members, you'll need to optimize your application to be as effective and efficient as possible. The fewer barriers to membership there are, the less likely your prospective members are to abandon your membership form mid-way through.

How do you do it?

Keep required fields to a minimum.

While you do want to use your membership form to capture important data, you don't want to bog prospective members down by requiring too much information. Keep your form simple so that potential new members can complete it in one sitting.

Accept membership dues online.

Most members won't enjoy having to mail in a paper check every month. Make joining and renewing your membership easy by accepting payment of dues online. Don't forget to accept both credit card and ACH payments.

Create a responsive application.

To maximize your reach to prospective donors, make sure your application can meet them wherever they are. You should offer an online form that's mobile-responsive so that members can make dues payments and submit their applications on the go.

3. Stay on top of member data (and use it).

If you're trying to attract new members to your association, look to your past recruitment and engagement strategies to determine which tactics have been most effective.

Your payment processor can provide you with easy-to-read reports and user-friendly analytics tools so that you can assess specific engagements as well as your overall membership plan. Generate preset reports or analyze custom data sets to capture all of the information you need.

How do you do it?

Determine members' preferred payment types.

Sort your data by payment type to discover which method is most popular. You can also ask members for their preference and make sure you're accommodating of as many different types as possible, from direct debit to mobile payments and more. 

Analyze event success.

Monitor the success of specific engagements, such as fundraising or membership events, by measuring metrics like ticket sales, on-site giving channel preferences, or follow-up donations.

Discover communication preferences.

Appraise your data set to find out how your members prefer to communicate. Then, segment your member list so that you can send more targeted communications that you know your members will respond to. 

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