Why Are Other Associations Taking Away Your Members?

For associations and membership organizations, member retention is vital. To ensure that your valued constituents are maintaining their engagement with your association over time, you'll need to continually add value to their experience. 

But no matter how much your team tries, you may find that you're still running into roadblocks with member retention and seeing your valued members choosing other associations over yours. 

To help you understand the root of the problem, we've broken down 3 common reasons your members are fleeing to join other associations:

1. Your association isn't forward thinking.

2. Your association isn't flexible.

3. Your association isn't improving from year to year.

Don't worry—we've also provided a foolproof fix for each problem so that you can win your members back and keep them renewing every term! 

1. Your association isn't forward-thinking.

What's the Problem?

With so many associations available to pique the interests of your members, your organization can't rest on your laurels if you expect to retain existing members or draw in new ones.

Competitive associations need to provide next-level options for their members, such as mobile apps, sophisticated payment alternatives, and above all, highly innovative and convenient engagement strategies. 

If you don't take the time to anticipate what your members will want next, you'll risk falling behind and losing your members to associations who are one step ahead!


What's the Solution?

Your association should always be thinking about the "next big thing" in membership engagement. Have regular brainstorming sessions or targeted meetings to determine:

• What creative moves are other associations taking to keep their members invested?

• What new technologies can you implement to streamline or enhance the membership experience?

• What are members currently not getting out of their membership experience?


What Role Can Your Payment Processor Play?

By working with an equally forward-thinking payment processor, your association can easily provide creative solutions that your members won't find anywhere else. Your payment processor can offer modern technologies that are both innovative and easy to understand, and then work with you to implement these solutions in the most effective way.

Your payment processor plays a major part in your association's overall strategy.

Discover more ways that your payment processor can impact your organization.

2. Your association isn't flexible.

What's the Problem?

Let's face it: if your members (or prospective members) find your association inaccessible in any way, it won't be long before they jump ship and find another organization that can provide just as much value without the headache.

Successful modern associations are removing as many barriers to entry as possible when it comes to their membership process. 

Associations who are too rigid in their membership models will see a decline in renewal, and they're not likely to attract new members, either.


The best way to solve this common association problem? As always, put yourself in your members' shoes! 

You should always seek to provide solutions that put your members' needs first. A few of our top suggestions for how to do that include:

• Offer payment plans to create a more accessible membership fee model.

• Offer membership levels at varying price points and degrees of engagement.

• Offer online and mobile payment options so members can join and renew without having to write a check.


What Role Can Your Payment Processor Play?

Many accessibility issues stem from inflexible membership fee models, so you might be surprised how much your payment processor can impact your association's retention rates! By working with a payment processor who understands the variety of needs an association may have, your organization can offer more responsive solutions that intuitively cater to your members. 

3. Your association isn't improving from year to year.

What's the Problem?

Associations who hope to flourish can't rely on last year's top member engagement or renewal strategies to be successful.

In order to see consistent retention and growth, your membership organization should analyze your success and determine where you can improve. 

If you don't check in on your strategies on a regular basis, you'll have no way to create a membership experience that responds to members' needs and fulfills their expectations.


What's the Solution?

Always keep an eye on your member retention and engagement strategies to determine what's working and what you can improve. Try implementing one or more of these suggestions:

• Use payment reports to analyze fiscal success on a micro or macro level.

• Send targeted surveys to get members' direct feedback.

• Measure the success of specific engagements, such as events or new online initiatives. 


What Role Can Your Payment Processor Play?

Your payment processor can offer reporting features and analytics tools beyond an Excel spreadsheet so that your association can better understand your overall success and adjust your strategies accordingly. You should be able to generate reports using a variety of metrics and use that personalized insight to inform your future tactics.

iATS can help your association boost retention and appeal to new members.

With forward-thinking payment processing features, analytics tools, and more, we can help you grow your association and keep members engaged long-term.