6 Important factors for a nonprofit website

Of the 200,000 nonprofits created in the U.S. since 1970, only 141 have reached the $50 million in annual revenue raised, according to the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The most successful charitable foundations clearly have strong funding, but there's much more to it than finding large corporate partners.

The SSRI identified three important factors that were common among successful nonprofits, which included:

  • Strong funding with select partners as opposed to wide diversification
  • Partners had similar values, goals and ambitions as the charity
  • The nonprofits built a professional and organized structure around the aforementioned funding models

With millions of users every day, the Internet is a world of untapped potential for any charitable organization. It's also a way to make your business more accessible to customers, StartupAccelerator adds. That said, if you're focusing energy on your nonprofit website, make sure to include these elements:

1. An About Us section: There's no way to better introduce your organization to a new website visitor than an About Us section. The "Who are you?" question is one of the most important things your website can answer, the article says. Build trust with potential donors by being honest and upfront. Prove that you are the solution to a particular problem. 

2. A contact page: A great way to give voice to any visitor is by having a custom built contact form, npENGAGE says. Opinions can be used as constructive criticism. Also, a website contact page must include a phone number and a physical address because - believe it or not - people still use snail mail.

3. Online donation services: Having a strong message is great, but without community support, there's no way you can put that plan into action. That said, having either online donation forms or an online donation system is crucial.

4. Testimonials: Nothing says "trust me" more than a positive third-party testimonial. If you're getting emails about all the great work you're doing, go ahead and show it off, the article says. Building trust in a charity environment can help convince people to support your cause.

5 Social media widget: Connect any and all of your social accounts; it gives your contributors another way to interact and stay updated, the article says. Plus, tweeting out a link to your online donation form once a week probably wouldn't hurt.

6. Volunteer or career opportunities: There's no better way to strengthen your organization than by employing people who share your passion.

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