3 ways analytics can help track fundraising efforts

There are a number of analytics tools in the marketplace for tracking online data for your website. They can measure anything from overall page views to how much time a user spent on any given page to where individuals leave the site. 

The power of analytics is vast, but the statistics can be daunting, especially if you're unfamiliar with website information. That's why it's important to focus on website performance goals. If it's in place to accept online donations, then direct organizational resources and energy toward that. Listed below are three ways that analytics can help track and improve your charity's fundraising efforts:

1. Locate where traffic is coming from: One of the benefits of analytics is that the program can identify where the user came prior to visiting your online donation form. In doing so, you can better gauge where your most successful marketing efforts are coming from, David Harstein, partner at Wired Impact, wrote for the Non Profit Marketing Blog. Whether it's your monthly e-newsletter or a simple search engine query, it's important to know where the donors originate. 

2. How much each donor gives: If the goal of your nonprofit website is to raise donations, then it's likely you have already implemented strong charity auction software. If it's done through a third party, ask it to provide reporting on how much each donor gives. If you're doing the analytics on your own, most platforms have the ability to track online payment processing, Harstein says. With this knowledge, a charity can focus on the original traffic source and allocate marketing efforts appropriately. Also, knowing the average donor amount and/or how much each benefactor gives from any given traffic source can help in accounting efforts, npENGAGE suggests. In understanding the relationship between fundraising efforts and a marketing strategy, you'll be better off in achieving success down the road. 

3. Keep visitors on your website: In addition to narrowing your marketing efforts, analytics can measure page view length on your website. If they're on the home page for a few seconds and then leave, it may be time to install a call to action. Alternatively, if they are coming across your website and heading to the online donation page, then you know you're doing something right. In order to keep visitors on your website, give them a reason not to leave. Provide entertaining content and motivation to get involved in your cause.

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