How to improve Instagram strategies

Instagram is one of the simplest, but most influential social media platforms in today's society. Because visuals and sharing photos of everyday life are so important to the general public, nonprofits can use Instagram as another online fundraising tool. The phone app is actually very comprehensive when it comes to editing and sharing photos, and there are also opportunities to share it with certain people who will really care and benefit from the idea. Below are a few details to think of when creating an Instagram profile:

Follow the right people
Other nonprofits' Instagram profiles are great resources for ideas and inspiration. Seeing what other organizations are using the platform for and expanding on that will help keep the focus on the Instagram account trendy yet completely unique from others. The photo site is also a prime opportunity to network with nonprofits and foster a relationship with other organizations and their followers. 

Post interesting photos
This may go without saying, but finding out what photos are interesting to the particular audience of the nonprofit is not always easy. Figuring out what engages certain people, whether it is potential donors, volunteers or active participants, is possible with a little research about other organizations, other social media platforms and recognizing general patterns. It's important to be original and have organic photos populating the Instagram account, but it's also essential to show people what they want to see about the nonprofit they are supporting.

Use hashtags
Hashtags are a large part of how people connect on Instagram. While too many hashtags may distract from a photo and cause readers to space out or venture on to the next photo, no hashtags at all diminishes the possibility of gaining new followers easily. Try out a few different hashtags and work with whatever suits the personality and nature of the organization best.

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