Making the donation process more accessible

Prioritizing donors over the needs of the nonprofit is easier said than done, but it can reap plenty of benefits for the the organization. The future of the economy, while positive, can change at any given time and nonprofits need to know how to react to change and challenges. Should there be an issue garnering funds from the public, there would be serious issues at hand that could threaten the liveliness of the organization. Planning ahead and developing a proper relationship with donors could be the key to growing a nonprofit no matter the circumstances.

Think differently about the process
The Chronicle of Philanthropy stated that nonprofits should change their fundraising process and get donors to come to the organization as opposed to the other way around. If people are educated about a cause and feel an emotional connection to it, they may be more likely to seek it out to give money. Fundraising will always play a part in the nonprofit industry, but it could be significantly easier if employees could figure out how to accept donations online and make the entire process more accessible to the everyday person.

Taking action
As nonprofits share the word about the cause they support and create an educational experience for people, they should also think about how to improve their website for visitors looking to donate fast and move on. This includes writing clear, clean copy that easily directs website visitors where they want to go as well as catches their eye and informs them on what the cause is about. Event Journal calls this type of language short and sweet, but also "snappy." The right words attract the right people at the end of the day. Overall, making the process enjoyable and effortless gives more people the opportunity to fit donations into their busy lifestyle and encourages repeat monetary gifts.

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