7 holiday donor outreach ideas

It's no surprise that the holiday season is an important time to engage donors and create dialog about giving financially to the organization's cause. But there are certain ways to approach supporters during this time of the year. Because it is a busy time, there are presents to spend money on and family time to be had, fundraising at the end of the year requires really engaging people so they hear a story, take a moment to listen and connect on a personal level. Here are seven tips that will help fundraisers along the way:

1. Tell a heartwarming story
The holiday season is all about festivities, cheer and family time, meaning fundraisers need to tap into that emotion. This is possible by telling a heartwarming story related to the cause and make the donor the hero. The holidays can be a time of great importance for many people and they may want to know of ways to support their communities, but aren't sure how until they relate to the cause. 

2. Spruce up the website
Leading people to online donation forms during the festivities is challenging because there are quite a few other causes vying for their attention as well as commercial retailers looking to increase sales during this time. Craft a strong holiday website with simple navigation and a quick donation completion process.

3. Write a personal letter
Personalized holiday letters get people in the spirit and make them feel as though they have a true connection with the organization. Address the donors by name and wish them a genuinely happy season, possibly even without an ask. Not forcing donations on people every chance of communication during the holidays shows that the organization cares about them as more than just financial supporters - they are a part of the community.

4. Host a recognition event
In a similar manner, not all holiday events have to be fundraisers. Once a year or so, particularly during the holidays, nonprofits should try hosting a recognition or appreciation dinner that serves only to thank supporters and is a night dedicated to celebrating them.

5. Share compelling visuals
Photographs play a big role in the holidays, whether it is for marketing purposes or promoting a worthy cause. Visuals are important for any online or offline promotions, but the perfect grouping of photos can put readers into the holiday spirit, especially those of people making a difference with the organization, according to the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

6. Utilize video
A video message can be seen around the world and will put a face to the nonprofit for donors. These are particularly useful during the holiday season because if they are produced correctly they can tug at people's heartstrings and urge them to donate to the person, cause and nonprofit they learn about on the video.

7. Discuss results
Share progress reports and show donors how they are making a difference in the world. This kind of news is meaningful when shared during the holidays and gives people a reason to celebrate. Let supporters know that their efforts and gifts are going to a good organization with measurable results and testimonies to accompany them.

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