5 seasonal nonprofit event tips

The holidays are right around the corner and it's time for nonprofits to start planning the seasonal giving season. There are many ways to increase donations, and one of the best opportunities available is a holiday fundraiser. The end of the year is one of the most popular times for donations with many people waiting until the last minute to give to the charity of their choice. But nonprofits can make sure they engage and connect with supporters before Jan. 1 by throwing a meaningful and entertaining holiday fundraiser. With donors in the giving mindset and the excitement of the season upon them, it is a great time to be festive and plan a party.

With the end of the year quickly approaching, it's best to get started with the planning process if it has not already begun. The following tips are a great starting point:

1. Be authentic
Be true to the nature and personality of the nonprofit. Whether the organization is formal, informal, comedic or educational, make sure that the holiday party reflects that. The Nonprofit Hub offers up a few options for events around the year, while explaining how to succeed with romantic, quirky or unique parties that will engage attendees and spread awareness for a worthy cause.

2. Think: children and adults
The holidays are a good time to ask for donations, but to do so requires a full-fledged experience for the children of donors. Engaging the whole family is a great way to get everyone to come out and support a cause with excitement. One such event could include a picture with Santa for the kids and a fun holiday game. Children have a big influence on their parents, according to Udemy, an online resource, and can be a major reason behind a donation.

3. Host a raffle
A good, old fashioned raffle is a great holiday season party and fundraiser as it brings people together, but also raises a significant amount of money. Whether this is online or offline, these events garner quite a bit of attention and raise sufficient funds. Engaging the giving desire during this time will get people excited and ready to make a difference through a fun time.

4. Make it about volunteering
Sometimes holiday events don't have to be all about increasing donations; simply volunteering time and serving the community is enough for the population. It may be good to host a wrap party for gifts for the homeless or offer a signup to serve at a local soup kitchen with other organizations' employees and volunteers. No matter the event, this type of service gets people in the holiday mood.

5. Have an irresistible menu
A simple but important element to a great holiday event is the menu. With the end of the year full of festivities, nonprofits can attract people with a tasty dinner at a gala or delicious dessert at a fundraiser.


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