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User ID (Agent Code) TEST88
Password TEST88
Alternate User ID* AURA88
Alternate Password* AURA88

 *Please note: AURA88 is used for testing either Aura or a separately built online form. This can be useful if you'd like to track online form transactions separately from ones that are initiated or processed in your software application.


Credentials for the TEST88 process key:

NA: PAAB24B9961FAC07FAA561180F6CB69A7B
UK: PA0940D765F2BD67BD97B82EFAA4D72BE9


Credentials for the AURA88 process key:

NA: PAC46D4672EF5422F5BDAF3F10B9BB8571
UK: PAA7521ACF220A54FC7441DAF5F6A8273F