Testing Cards

The TEST88 iATS Client Code has been created to allow for testing iATS Payments systems, and can be used with encrypted magnetic stripe readers (MSRs). Please contact iATS to discuss the availability of test cards with the correct test numbers (i.e. 41111… and 42222…).

Please contact iATS if you require these test cards.

User ID = TEST88
Password = TEST88
URL (NA) = www.iatspayments.com
URL (UK) = www.uk.iatspayments.com

To test the Authorization and Rejection responses related to a Charge, credit card number 4111111111111111 can be used.

To test the Authorization responses related to both Charges and Refunds, credit card number 4222222222222220 can be used.

The amounts and corresponding responses detailed below have been created for to test multiple situations:


Amount Result when using 4111111111111111
1.00 OK: 678594
2.00 REJ: 15
3.00 OK: 678594
4.00 REJ: 15
5.00 REJ: 15
6.00 OK: 678594:X
7.00 OK: 678594:y
8.00 OK: 678594:A
9.00 OK: 678594:Z
10.00 OK: 678594:N
15.00 If CVV2 = 1234, the response is OK: 678594:Y. If no CVV2 is entered, the response is REJ: 19
16.00 REJ: 2
17.00 REJ: 22
192.00 (NA Only) If sent via API (iATSLink or WebService)
a) IP address is invalid format: Rej: 5.
b) IP address is valid format: OK: 678594.
All Other Amounts REJ: 15
All Refund Amounts REJ: 15


Amount Result when using 4222222222222220
Any Sale Amount OK: 678594
Any Refund Amount OK: 678594