Testing Cards

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Testing Cards

The TEST88 iATS Client Code has been created to allow for testing iATS Payments systems, and can be used with encrypted magnetic stripe readers (MSRs). Please contact iATS to discuss the availability of test cards with the correct test numbers (i.e. 41111… and 42222…).

Please contact iATS if you require these test cards.

User ID = TEST88
Password = TEST88
URL (NA) = www.iatspayments.com
URL (UK) = www.uk.iatspayments.com

To test the Authorization and Rejection responses related to a Charge, credit card number 4111111111111111 can be used.

To test the Authorization responses related to both Charges and Refunds, credit card number 4222222222222220 can be used.

The amounts and corresponding responses detailed below have been created for to test multiple situations:


Amount Result when using 4111111111111111
1.00 OK: 678594
2.00 REJ: 15
3.00 OK: 678594
4.00 REJ: 15
5.00 REJ: 15
6.00 OK: 678594:X
7.00 OK: 678594:y
8.00 OK: 678594:A
9.00 OK: 678594:Z
10.00 OK: 678594:N
15.00 If CVV2 = 1234, the response is OK: 678594:Y. If no CVV2 is entered, the response is REJ: 19
16.00 REJ: 2
17.00 REJ: 22
192.00 (NA Only) If sent via API (iATSLink or WebService)
a) IP address is invalid format: Rej: 5.
b) IP address is valid format: OK: 678594.
All Other Amounts REJ: 15
All Refund Amounts REJ: 15


Amount Result when using 4222222222222220
Any Sale Amount OK: 678594
Any Refund Amount OK: 678594

Test Data

Below is test data for each of the swipers you can use for testing (if you don’t have a test card or swiper).

The following details are in the encrypted data:

First Name: IATS
Card number: 4111111111111111
Expiry date: 21/08 (YY/MM)


MagTek uDynamo

KSN: 9012910B1D54BC000069

Track1.Encrypted: C4DDC3DE59B1DB65F03D04CFF145469CBB2CB59E22BA56ED8691D27813D963F51408F5BDDEB03E0B1860EFAAD85F9FA78ED32911443282D4ACE1F585C194DEE2D7F473456972ABB9

Track2.Encrypted: FADF1842439903BB07D444459D4DBEDC0EE099322D1AA7FBC64CDBFE834511632A592E52BFC8EE95


MagTek Dynamag



ID Tech UniMag II

02f00080 1f422300 8383252a 34313131 2a2a2a2a 2a2a2a2a 31313131 5e504159 4d454e54 53544553 54434152 442f4941 54535e32 3130382a 2a2a2a2a 2a2a2a2a 2a2a2a2a 2a2a2a2a 2a2a3f2a 3b343131 312a2a2a 2a2a2a2a 2a313131 313d3231 30382a2a 2a2a2a2a 2a2a2a2a 2a3f2a87 a8e39cfa b3ef0630 ee27e912 34ce82d8 5b689e5f 10365a78 4c7573d2 1398ac9d 9cc2cd87 5e05ba1f 4e845ee0 306cf707 ae02a247 b2cab73a 46a2b203 df559488 433d3c14 a769b2c4 244829c4 97dbffc2 3890bd8e 1373fb2c 56706162 e6a4fd03 23be5966 9ff8bd73 71634a4c 2c3d4254 31343032 36333335 33ffff73 81390314 800007c8 2403


ID Tech SecureMag


Rejection Code for Credit Card Responses

Below is the list of transaction rejection codes.


Code Description
REJ:1 Client code has not been set up on the authorization system.
REJ:2 Unable to process transaction. Verify and re-enter credit card information.
REJ:3 Invalid Customer Reference Number.
REJ:4 Incorrect expiration date.
REJ:5 Invalid transaction. Verify and re-enter credit card information.
REJ:6 Transaction not supported by institution.
REJ:7 Lost or stolen card.
REJ:8 Invalid card status
REJ:9 Restricted card status. Usually on corporate cards restricted to specific sales.
REJ:10 Error. Please verify and re-enter credit card information.
REJ:11 General decline code. Please have client call the number on the back of credit card.
REJ:12 Incorrect CVV2 or expiration date.
REJ:14 The card is over the limit.
REJ:15 General decline code. Please have client call the number on the back of credit card.
REJ:16 Invalid charge card number. Verify and re-enter credit card information.
REJ:17 Unable to authorize transaction. Authorizer needs more information for approval.
REJ:18 Card not supported by institution.
REJ:19 Incorrect CVV2 security code.
REJ:22 Bank timeout. Bank lines may be down or busy. Re-try transaction later.
REJ:23 System error. Re-try transaction later.
REJ:24 Charge card expired.
REJ:25 Capture card. Reported lost or stolen.
REJ:26 Invalid transaction or invalid expiration date. Please confirm and retry transaction.
REJ:27 Please have cardholder call the number on the back of credit card.