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We are excited to have partnered with Drupal and CiviCRM to develop plugins to their software allowing for easy donation processing. These plugins will streamline your donations and update your database with this information.

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Welcome to iATS Developer Solutions.

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iATS Payments has been a big supporter of Drupal for many years. As a technology partner, contributor, and user, we are proud to be part of such a vast and collaborative community. iATS is especially excited to see how Commerce iATS continues to help nonprofits clients succeed in their online fundraising efforts.

From symbolic gift catalogs to peer-to-peer campaigns, iATS offers various direct and partner solutions to help you build and maintain a robust online giving program.

Drupal Module: Commerce iATS



  • Supports all major credit cards
  • ACH processing
  • UK Direct Debit and SEPA for the Eurozone
  • Recurring payments
  • Tokenization
  • Level 1 PCI Compliance
  • 180+ currencies worldwide
  • Online and real time reporting
  • Simple and flat rate structure
  • Dedicated developer support
  • Direct Post
  • Encrypted USB card readers


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iATS Payments has a payment processor extension built exclusively for CiviCRM, an open source, web-based CRM system designed for the needs of non-profits, non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups.

Released in January of 2014, the iATS extension takes advantage of iATS SOAP-based web services providing a seamless and hassle-free integration for single and recurring transactions. The iATS extension is actively developed and supported by experienced CiviCRM developers ensuring an optimal experience for payment processing in many international currencies.




The Main Features of iATS Extension for CiviCRM

  • Supports all major credit cards
  • Supports EFT processing: ACH for North America and Direct Debit for the UK
  • Seamless integration for recurring credit card and ACH transactions
  • Ability to email out receipts for recurring contributions
  • Integrates with contributions, events, and memberships
  • Compatible with encrypted USB card readers allowing to swipe cards at events
  • Tokenization feature for securing stored payment information
  • Code available on GitHub or downloadable as an extension within CiviCRM


New Version 1.5 available now

Some of the new and exciting features available with Version 1.5 are:

  • Card on File: easier management of a donor's card information such as view card information, update card information, and Ad hoc processing of a card.

  • Fixed schedules: ability to configure specific days of the month for all recurring contributions.

  • Additional Editable Fields: organizations can now edit more fields on their recurring contribution records, and see the record they are presently editing.

  • Handling Recurring Failures: organizations can now receive optional email notifications of failures, as well as determine different handling practices depending on the nature of the failure.

    Click Here for more details on the new features available with Version 1.5.

    To download iATS extension V.1.5, visit the Resources section here.


Testing Matrix

To view the latest test matrix including 21 transactions, visit iATS Git hub page here.


Advantages of using iATS Payments with CiviCRM

  • Straightforward rate structure with no hidden charges or fees.
  • Most credit card transactions deposited to your bank account within 1-2 business days.
  • Full reporting, reconciliation and account management features available in the iATS customer portal.
  • Knowledgeable customer care team available by phone or email.



iATS Extension Page on
iATS GitHub Page
Alan Dixon's Blog on Release 1.5