Our encrypted magnetic stripe readers (MSRs) are fully PCI compliant as the sensitive credit card data is encrypted immediately within the device before the data flows through to the computer or device. This means your servers don't have to handle any clear text credit card data. The encrypted MSRs are designed to work with the iATS Web service - ProcessLink. For further assistance, please email webservice@iatspayments.com.

Please note: Brickwork, the iATS Payments application for Salesforce, does not currently support encrypted magnetic stripe readers. We hope to add this functionality in the near future. Please review our Brickwork user guide to learn more about using non-encrypted magnetic stripe readers in Brickwork. When a credit card is swiped through the MSR, it will read and encrypt the track data on the magnetic stripes and pass the encrypted data to the creditCardNum or ccNum parameter to the relevant Web service to either a) process the transaction directly or b) tokenize the details for future transactions.


The MSR can currently be used with the following ProcessLink services:

• Process a Single Transaction (NA Only) - ProcessCreditCard

• Create a Token - CreateCreditCardCustomerCode

• Create a Token and Process a Single Transaction (NA Only) - CreateCustomerCodeAndProcessCreditCard



The following supported magnetic stripe readers should be ordered directly from iATS Payments as they contain encryption keys only accessible by iATS.

USB Devices
Mobile Devices



To view how a credit card transaction is processed or create a token, click here.



We have created test cards allowing you to test iATS Payments against your systems. To view the Test Card Numbers as well as the full list of Authorization and Rejection Responses, click here.



The complete development guide, including details on how to submit the details/parameters via the above supported devices, can be downloaded here.