Direct Integration

We provide a variety of direct payment integration tools below to make accepting donations easy.

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CustomerLink allows you to create, update and delete tokens. These tokens can be stored on your database without the risk of storing clear text credit card or banking details. You can then use these tokens to either do one-time transactions, or recurring transactions where you manage the recurring schedule.

CustomerLink also allows you to set up recurring schedules where iATS will manage the recurring schedule. The results of these recurring transactions can be pulled out of our server using our ReportLink services. Our webservices allow you to modify these schedules (card data, start and end dates, etc.) via the API.

Click Here to Download the Documentation


ProcessLink are services for processing either credit card or ACH/EFT (direct debit) transactions. You can either transact using clear text or using the token created using CustomerLink.

Refunds and large batch transactions can also be managed through the ProcessLink API.


Click Here to Download the Documentation


ReportLink allows you to extract all transactions from the iATS database and import into your database for reporting, etc. Reports include Credit Card and ACH/EFT (direct debit) for approved, failed or refunded transactions.


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ManagementLink services are used to obtain merchant account status details on clients, as well as to create secure process Key's on behalf of the client.


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Direct Post Method (DPM) is a fully PCI compliant service as the sensitive credit card data never flows through your servers or website.

Your website does not have to handle any credit card data, and all transaction information is submitted directly to iATS via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) while keeping iATS invisible to the donor. Your site can still collect all pertinent donor data and has been built to allow you to utilize your own unique website look and feel as well as response pages.



  1. Processing a single credit card transaction (available for both North America and International processing)
  2. Processing a single ACH transaction (available for only North America processing)
  3. Creating a token to store payment details for recurring transactions (available for both North America/International credit card processing, and North America ACH/EFT)
  4. Create a token (without recurring) AND transact at the same time
  5. Create a token (with recurring) AND transact at the same time



1. Option 1 - Javascript Relay URL

This uses a JavaScript Relay URL redirect that allows the developer more control over the redirect page as well as the message that displays to the donor as a result of the transaction response (example rejection codes).  All transaction detail is posted back to the relay page which can be used to capture into the developers’ database.

Click for a printable version: Option 1 - JavaScript Relay URL


2. Option 2 - Direct Redirect

This option only allows the programmer to redirect to two static pages – a successful transaction page or a failed transaction page.  As no relay page is utilized, the details of the transaction will be sent to a postback URL.

Click for a printable version: Option 2 - Direct Redirect


  Option 1:
Javascript Relay URL
Option 2:
Direct Redirect
Dynamic Response Page

Yes, through Javascript relay page. Relay URL sent in DPM transaction request.

No, only static pages for success/fail. Both URL sent in DPM transaction request.

Transaction Results Posted back to relay URL Posted back to Postback URL





The Authorize.Net Emulator allows iATS clients to use a variety of third party web-based software providers such as shopping carts, ticketing sites and other web technology tools that have currently integrated the payment gateway.

There are many different web-based software providers that currently use the Authorize.Net payment gateway which iATS has emulated, including Ultracart, Webconnex and WooThemes

To learn more about how to use the Gateway Emulator with your iATS merchant account, simply download our full documentation.



Our encrypted magnetic stripe readers (MSRs) are fully PCI compliant as the sensitive credit card data is encrypted immediately within the device before the data flows through to the computer or device. This means your servers don't have to handle any clear text credit card data. The encrypted MSRs are designed to work with the iATS Web service - ProcessLink. For further assistance, please email

Please note: Brickwork, the iATS Payments application for Salesforce, does not currently support encrypted magnetic stripe readers. We hope to add this functionality in the near future. Please review our Brickwork user guide to learn more about using non-encrypted magnetic stripe readers in Brickwork. When a credit card is swiped through the MSR, it will read and encrypt the track data on the magnetic stripes and pass the encrypted data to the creditCardNum or ccNum parameter to the relevant Web service to either a) process the transaction directly or b) tokenize the details for future transactions.


The MSR can currently be used with the following ProcessLink services:

• Process a Single Transaction (NA Only) - ProcessCreditCard

• Create a Token - CreateCreditCardCustomerCode

• Create a Token and Process a Single Transaction (NA Only) - CreateCustomerCodeAndProcessCreditCard



The following supported magnetic stripe readers should be ordered directly from iATS Payments as they contain encryption keys only accessible by iATS.

USB Devices
Mobile Devices



To view how a credit card transaction is processed or create a token, click here.



We have created test cards allowing you to test iATS Payments against your systems. To view the Test Card Numbers as well as the full list of Authorization and Rejection Responses, click here.



The complete development guide, including details on how to submit the details/parameters via the above supported devices, can be downloaded here.



We are happy to introduce a suite of customizable fraud prevention features that will significantly reduce the risk of credit card fraud that our mutual clients experience.

To utilize these fraud protection features, send us the IP  address associated with the donor (or where the transaction is originating), in the following string:



iATSLink API's:

iATSLink API's are no longer supported. Please use iATS Web Services to securely process payments via your site or software platform. Here is a brief introduction to the iATS Web Services that are available to you.

If you are using iATSLink and need assistance with the update, please contact our team at


Test Documentation:

The details surrounding the iATS Payments test account documentation can be accessed here. This will allow partners to test if they are sending the IP in the correct format and perform other tests relating to their integration.

Technical Questions?

If you have any questions about your particular integration with iATS or any of the information on this page, please contact us via email at

We thank you for supporting our efforts to help reduce the amount of credit card fraud our clients experience!