Integrated Payments is Essential for Technology Providers

Offering Integrated Payments is Essential for Technology Providers

For partners who specialize in solutions for nonprofits including charities, associations, and faith-based organizations, payment processing integration is an essential part of delivering value to clients. Not only does integration add value to your products and services, it also gives you the ability to leverage the expertise of an experienced payments processor.


Save development time and money    Saving Development Time, Saving Money
One of the keys to successfully integrating payments is harnessing the power of API (Application Program Interface). APIs help to facilitate communications between applications which, in turn, saves development time for software providers. This streamlined development process means that it is easier for you to roll out technology solutions to a wide spectrum of nonprofit clients.

Through its inherent flexibility, API technology simplifies integration with existing software. This means that nonprofits and charities can more quickly access a robust selection of donation processing options for their fundraising efforts including credit card, ACH and recurring payments. The reduced cost of shorter development time delivers savings you can pass along to your clients, enabling them to channel more funds into their charity efforts. Combined with specialized pricing packages included in most partnerships, integration gives you a better solution at a better price.

Reliable donations with trusted partner for nonprofits    Reliable donations for important causes
As a trusted partner of nonprofits, you know that your technology is used to raise funds for incredibly important initiatives. When those initiatives are time sensitive, like in the aftermath of a natural disaster, campaign set up time is critical. The reliability of your API integrated payment technology can make all the difference.

It can enable nonprofits to rapidly set up high volume donation campaigns, without the need to find a separate payment provider. Moreover, nonprofits receive the added benefit of payments partner expertise which can be a game changer for nonprofits new to accepting online donations.

Secure and simple payment technology provider   Security, Simplicity and Savings
API integrated payment technology provides an additional layer of data security which is essential for nonprofits, who are often the targets of fraudulent activity. You can trust that a solid payments provider will deliver full PCI compliance to your clients. As data breach incidents rise, nonprofits seek to gain the trust of their donors. By utilizing the secure technology of a partner who adheres to the highest levels of data security protocols, added protection and confidence result in repeat donations from the nonprofit’s donor audience.

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