Why storytelling needs to be an integral part of any fundraising strategy

Nonprofit organizations can have a significant impact on a community and plan great charity fundraising events, but they need the support of volunteers, donors and other to carry out the initiatives of the cause. However, garnering this type of involvement and spreading cause awareness doesn't happen just by asking people for money. While the funds do allow organizations to have more leeway in hosting ongoing events and activities, people who are emotionally invested in the cause make working with the nonprofit a personal journey. These people's stories are the ones that matter and lead others to become involved and supportive of the measures taken by the organization to improve the community.

Why stories matter
Online fundraising is important, but it's not going to reap any success if a cause doesn't resonate with donors on a personal level. NP Engage asks why there aren't more stories being told in the fundraising realm. Nonprofits are famous for spewing statistics and jargon at donors and spreading it all over websites. This is a great tactic because it shows in metrics how the organization is progressing and how the cause should be impacting communities, but such numerical reports lack a human voice. This is where storytelling comes in. A great story adds context to the numbers on websites and the dollar signs needed to initiate a new program because it shows how people are affected by what the organization is accomplishing every day. And that is why more supporters are going to get involved - because they will be able to see first hand how their efforts are affecting others.

Simply put, stories are interesting. They engage people and offer a deeper look into changing perspectives and empowerment that are the results of a person's involvement with the nonprofit. Telling personal stories is also easy. Odds are, volunteers and donors are already talking, and it's just time to start listening. People are eager to voice their support and connect with others who have similar experiences.

How personal messages can affect future fundraising
Nonprofits may become enlightened and gain a lot of insight into how their causes are affecting surrounding communities. Communicating these messages and stories to potential donors and using them as effective outreach can be very influential. These stories may even change the way leaders approach future fundraising programs and shape the way the organization interacts with supporters of the cause.

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