Why nonprofits should include mobile in fundraising efforts

Online fundraising strategies are taking over as many nonprofits reach out to a wider audience on the Internet. So much of what takes place on the Web, though, is viewed via mobile device. People are buying smartphones at an alarming rate and are able to access the Internet from almost any location if they so chose. This means that nonprofits also have the ability to come in contact with donors who are on their smartphones or tablets. However, if organizations want to accept online donations from smartphones, they need to take mobile optimization into account.

Connecting with supporters while they interact on their mobile devices means communicating with them while they are on the go, in a group of friends or at their own leisure. If people are with their friends, they may be tempted to start a conversation about the nonprofit's message or ask others to join them at a fundraising event. The act of starting a discussion can have a significant impact on people's involvement with the organization. But having a mobile online presence allows people to fill out donations forms wherever they are or whenever they want. There is a lot of freedom with mobile interaction and donors will want to take advantage when giving to nonprofits.

Nonprofits can start their mobile efforts by making sure their websites are optimized for smartphone or tablet screens. This will provide easy navigation on mobile devices and allow donors to make quick donations and manage their accounts successfully from wherever they are. Making the process easier and more convenient for people will pay off in the long run and let supporters have more interaction with the organization. Embracing technology and online donation trends will allow for lifelong supporters and easier cause advocacy.

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