Why nonprofits benefit from mobile payment options

There are many reasons for nonprofit organizations to start using mobile payment solutions, but one of the most important ones is because it closes the gap between the organization and the donor. Australian nonprofit news source Probono Australia pointed out mobile technology is in essence shrinking the world and making it easier to fundraise effectively. Communication is becoming more immediate and people are willing to connect with others on personal computing devices, especially smartphones or tablets.

Whether people are looking for security, convenience or immediacy, they turn to their mobile devices to engage with the online world. This means email, social media, websites and finance management, among many other areas of personal life, are often managed on smartphones on the go. Here are four additional reasons why mobile is playing such a huge role in how charities fundraise and spread awareness for their causes:

1. Ease
Business 2 Community pointed out mobile payment options make donating a lot easier and streamlined for people as they don't have to go through their purse for a checkbook, send a gift in the mail or remember to donate when they are at their desktop or laptop. Donors can give wherever they are, whenever they want without following multiple steps to do so. Because of this added convenience, people are more willing to give.

2. Consistency
There are a lot of charities and causes looking for donations and it can be hard for people to keep track of. Online donation requests on mobile allow interested parties to donate at the very first sign of a cause, say a natural disaster fundraiser, and set up a system through which they can continue to give once all of the hype around the situation quiets down, ensuring future donations.

3. Cohesiveness
Mobile is becoming a very large part of how people do business and nonprofits need to become part of the community that embraces mobile interaction. Offering a mobile option will make the experience with the organization much more cohesive and smooth as donors can move seamlessly through online interactions on their smartphone, tablet or home computer and avoid hesitancy or disjointed activity when sending monetary gifts.

4. Additional audience
The Chronicle of Philanthropy pointed out different users are on different devices. Younger generations tend to be on their smartphones, meaning nonprofits can open up to an entirely new audience if they have mobile payment options.

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