Why board members need to play a part in fundraising

Nonprofits can find success by realizing that a more holistic approach to fundraising is best. This means that not only should volunteers, donors and employees be making every effort to spread cause awareness, but board members should be in on the action too. Fund development affects every aspect of the organization as it requires a more in-depth look at the way the nonprofit is going to develop and grow into a successful venture. While fundraising may not seem like a hard thing to do, a smart approach requires the knowledge and wisdom of many to define an effective approach. Nonprofits can have a good online donation request form, but if they don't know how to incorporate board member knowledge and target their audiences online, they won't be able to utilize the forms to their full advantage.

Having an approach
Nonprofit Quarterly suggests organization leaders sit down and figure out if and why they want their board members involved. Getting board members to become an active and supportive part of the team will help grow the organization and add value to the internal operations if everyone is working together as a unified group. Encouraging the board to have a strong understanding of what philanthropy, volunteering and fundraising initiatives means will help, because if this isn't the case, there may be a significant disconnect between the vision and the actual direction of the nonprofit.

Communication is everything. Leaders and volunteers need to discuss strategy, and board members need to be a part of that conversation as well. Nonprofit Quarterly says writing out the roles and responsibilities of the board and talking with each member individually to generate ideas and get the conversation going. When the board comes together to discuss future goals and initiatives, it will have a good understanding of how it may benefit the overall organization if it made an effort to be a part of the fund development process.

How to get board members involved
With this said, it may be time to utilize the energy and power board members possess within the community to take fundraising efforts to the next level. Fired Up Fundraising points out that board members may not really understand fundraising, but they are likely willing to learn. In order to get them involved and excited about their job, it's a great idea to ignite their passions and encourage them to channel their energy into something they truly care about within the organization. Going forward from there will be an exciting journey.

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