Well-planned campaigns and board member engagement improve fundraising

Some nonprofits struggle to meet their annual fundraising goals, and it may be time to consider online payment solutions to give donors another outlet to make contributions. There are many ways to build a successful fundraising campaign, and an online strategy can supplement this initiative, according to The Fundraising Authority.

Successful nonprofits set firm deadlines for fundraising efforts and establish achievable, clear goals. Development directors and other supervisors take an active role in monitoring progress. Many organizations make the mistake of setting unclear goals and not assigning specific employees to handle particular tasks. Most nonprofits that hit their fundraising goals consistently create a plan of action and the steps needed to reach their target.

In addition, organizations with active board members are more likely to reach their goals. Sixty percent of nonprofits whose board members assisted with fundraising efforts hit their targets, compared to 53 percent of charities with unengaged boards, according to The Nonprofit Research Collaborative's "Engaging Board Members in Fundraising" study. Some nonprofits require board members to make contributions, but these gifts made up less than 10 percent of total donations.

Many nonprofits have found a way to utilize their boards by encouraging members to refer people to build a network, The Fundraising Authority said.

Successful organizations have taken a cue from for-profit marketing techniques, and they track donor engagement throughout the giving process. The majority of charities do not know if their constituents are ready to contribute. Nonprofits with excellent fundraising efforts have an established donor funnel, which is an outline of steps the typical person makes on his or her path to giving to the organization. These charities have multiple ways of reaching out to new donors and nurturing leads. 

Additionally, organizations need to remember to keep their messages consistent on every communication channel to maximize donations. 

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