Voters want nonprofits' political involvement more clearly defined [VIDEO]

Similar to local politicians, nonprofit organizations strive to improve their surrounding communities. Through hard work, dedication and outside support, charities can accomplish their goals, especially if they support an elected official, or vice versa. 

All community members are asking in return is how much help nonprofits are providing their local officials.


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Studies are showing that voters are calling for transparency - but this should come as no surprise. According to a recent survey conducted by Lake Research Partners, 86 percent of voters think it's important to have clear rules outlining the limits of what a charity can and cannot do concerning political involvement. Another 57 percent of voters said they felt strongly about this issue. Overall, voters feel that political operatives and wealthy donors are taking advantage of the system. In fact, 80 percent feel that the current lack of rules pose a problem. While political systems and nonprofit regulations around the globe vary, it's simply best practice for nonprofits to be completely transparent when it comes to operational reporting. Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned for more insights.​

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