Use the holidays to increase donations [VIDEO]

Are you worried about making year-end donation goals? If so, now's not the time to fear, it's time to spread holiday cheer! Year-end contributions can make or break a nonprofit's collection efforts, but the holiday season is statistically one of the best times of year for charities to reach out to benefactors. Nonprofits looking to bulk up their donations should immediately begin planning last-minute holiday campaigns before it's too late.



The holiday season is the time for giving, especially when it comes to nonprofit donations. A recent Classy infographic found that donors give 80 percent larger gifts on average in December, while one-third of all online donations are made in the same time period. Although the holidays are a busy time of year for everyone, it's important for nonprofits to create a sense of urgency when asking for charitable contributions at the end of the year. Ten percent of all donations that Classy studied came in the final three days of the year. Nonprofits can motivate donors to give right before the new year hits and impact donation revenue goals for the better. Make sure to tune in next time for more nonprofit tips and tricks!


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