Use holiday volunteering to gain new supporters

The holiday season is all about giving thanks for what you have and appreciating the people that enrich your life. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa not only bring family and friends together, but also communities. More people seek volunteer opportunities and send money to charities and nonprofits via an online donation form to contribute to the greater good and help those less fortunate.

As Thanksgiving approaches, it's also a good time for nonprofits to market themselves to the public, educate people about their work and ask for volunteers.

Giving back
Since many people are already in the giving mood when it comes to their time and money, nonprofits should take advantage of this sentiment to build long-lasting partnerships with volunteers. This free help around the holidays can develop into a great relationship for the organization and could possibly convert volunteers into donors.

According to Third Sector Today, people who are interested in volunteering for your nonprofit already believe in your cause and its goals. Therefore, transforming them into donors, too, doesn't need to be difficult. 

However, make sure your not-for-profit is able to provide volunteer opportunities that only require a day's commitment, Nonprofit Hub noted. People interested in your organization need to get a taste of what you do before diving in all the way and devoting more time.

Providing feedback
Make sure the work you give your holiday season volunteers is rewarding. They want to know they're making a difference in other people's lives and helping your organization reach its goals at the same time. Besides gratifying activities, ensure that you recognize the good they are doing. Let your volunteers know how important they are to your success. 

If you need more than a couple of people on hand to help your nonprofit over the holidays, then consider posting an announcement on, send out a press release to your local media or simply ask for help over Facebook or Twitter. 

After you give your volunteers the kudos they deserve, you can ask for a donation. If any of them give money to your nonprofit, it's wise to send them a thank-you letter and keep in touch with them and all of your other holiday helpers. This way, you will have contacts for potential volunteers and donors for your organization in the future. 

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