Upcoming conference to address online fundraising best practices

At the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, nonprofit organizations and online marketing experts will come together to discuss the many options available to charities interested in increasing their online donations and digital fundraising success. This year's event will not only talk about the various online payment processing platforms on the market and formats for an attractive donation page, but also focus on understanding the mindset of online donors when they experience a brand online and decide whether to offer their support.

Presenters will analyze the psychological aspects of online marketing and fundraising, looking to breakdown potential donors by various characteristics to provide expert guidance on how best to communicate with target audience to share messages and drive support. Launching a website and social media accounts is the easy part of online fundraising. The challenges lie in engaging donors in the digital landscape, which is filled with a limitless supply of distractions and competition vying for web users' attention at every turn. Nonprofits must understand best practices and successful strategies that not only grab a donor's attention but retain it long enough to spread awareness and generate contributions.

What to expect
At the conference, nonprofit professionals, technology experts and marketing gurus will collaborate, innovate and practice new tactics on each other to determine what will be successful moving forward and what efforts land flat with key audiences. The goal of the conference is to not only breakdown the mindset of the average online donor to provide greater insight into marketing teams, but also offer useful technology tools and tips that can turn the psychological understanding into efficient online campaigns and marketing strategies.

"Successful nonprofits need more than a website and social media profiles, they need the information site visitors are seeking, in a format they can navigate, and they must present information in a way that prompts visitors to take action," said Aaron Long, vice president of professional services for an online consulting firm. "We will discuss some of the common mistakes made by many nonprofits that make it difficult for supporters to donate online, and we'll offer seven tips for using psychology in online marketing to increase online fundraising."

As some nonprofits hope to generate online donations when optimizing their digital presence, others are looking to increase interactions by offering an e-commerce for a cause. Likely to be discussed at the conference is the trend of nonprofit organizations selling products online to support a charitable cause. Rather than spending money on a physical store with overhead costs, many are leveraging affordable online platforms to increase contributions effectively.

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