Understanding how direct mail can increase online donations

Spreading awareness of a charity requires leaders to have a strategy and a good idea of how to communicate the organization's purpose and initiatives. There are many ways to do this, especially in today's digital world, but it is most beneficial to have both an online and offline presence. One of the ways to offer charity content is by sending direct mail pieces to interested parties. Mail can actually be an incredibly useful medium to communicate with donors, especially if the organization is able to create value out of direct communication and personalized letters.

Business 2 Community pointed out that people take information in digital format these days more than ever, meaning organizations can use mail as a way to communicate with people in a uniquely creative way. Charities can utilize direct mail postcards, fundraising letters, event invitations, brochures, flyers and so much more.

What is really important to know about direct mail is that it is having a significant impact on the digital realm as well. While it's very cost-effective and unique, direct mail can also lead people from the 3-D realm to the digital one within a matter of minutes. A cohesive multichannel approach to spreading cause awareness offers a better experience to those interested in joining the community of supporters. Direct mail does this by offering a personal message and urging recipients to explore the charity more on the Internet. Mal Warwick Associates, a fundraising solutions company, stated annual giving reminders can be sent out to encourage people to go fill out a donation form online or to reconnect with older donors and get them to venture online to see what's been happening with the charity lately.

Mailing campaigns offer a multitude of opportunities to not only engage donors but get them more involved in the charity. It may be best to try out a variety of outreach tactics to increase donations and get more people excited about the cause.

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