Transparency: A best practice in online fundraising [VIDEO]

Every donor has his or her own motivation for nonprofit giving. A charitable contribution, regardless of size, can make a positive impact on the community. Donors now want to know where their gifts are going in an organization.



Would you donate to a charity if you didn't know where the money was going? If you answered "no," then you're likely in the majority. Modern-day donors want to know how their contribution helped the nonprofit they gave to, and a great way to boost online donations is by improving transparency. It's simply best practice for nonprofits to offer a direct, clear line of communication regarding the gifts they've received. This is a great way to establish trust, which is at the very foundation of charitable giving. Nonprofits that have nothing to hide should share financial donation details with their benefactors on a regular basis, The Chronicle of Philanthropy suggests. Check in again for more advice on improving transparency with donors.

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