Tools for effective e-mail marketing

A nonprofit organization's e-newsletter might be the most effective form of fundraising.The eight annual Email Marketing Industry census has determined that proceeds from email marketing are rising. With the growing relevance of online communications, charitable donations should optimize their e-mail marketing strategy to make the most of the digital age.

Find a plan that clicks
A major part of capitalizing on digital donations is to stick to what works, according to The Nonprofit Times. Even small changes to an already-working template might mean a decrease in revenue.

If the format is bringing in visitors to your online donation form or petition, then that landing page should be just as accessible. Be sure that the page donors are taken to is compatible with the same device on which they read the email. Additionally, incorporate effective repetition between the sites. For example, consider using the same headlines, wording and color themes.

Be kind to your audience
The key to e-newsletter success is in the content. Most anyone can relate to a busy schedule, so make sure your e-mails don't take too much time away from donors. Keep the content brief and precise. Consider using headings so readers can quickly understand your message.

Whatever the goal for your e-newsletter is, whether it's to bring in donations or get participants to sign up for an event, it should be effortless for readers to achieve. Posting a link to the landing page at the top of the e-mail or e-newsletter and linking it into the text will make it easy for your audience to find.

Be visible
An e-mail is only effective if people are reading it. Get donors to subscribe to your e-newsletter by providing opt-ins at every opportunity. You can easily bring your social network followers to your mailing list by posting links all throughout your website and blog.

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