Tips to making online payments more secure

Charities need to be able to focus on building relationships with donors and shouldn't have to worry about whether people are facing security issues when filling out an online donation form. This is an incredibly important issue facing e-commerce and online payment processing, and organizations should take steps to make sure the donation experience is as positive and rewarding as possible.

Charities that accept donations online should be aware of the secure payment processing options out there. Those who employ safety solutions will be able to build trust among donors and spend more time developing connections and spreading cause awareness without worrying about payment security issues.

Switch Commerce said organization leaders need to take into account their consumers - or donors, in this case - and follow through with all necessary steps to protect their data. Check all equipment on a regular basis to make sure there aren't any small issues that could turn into big problems. Additionally, it's important to always encrypt data and never store credit card information. Small steps such as these will help guard against any minor attacks.

Solidifying a tight system internally is one way to make sure all employees and workers are doing their best to maintain a secure network. Part of building relationships with donors is showing them their investment in the charity is valued and protected, and that the organization is prepared for future online donations. Educating employees, staying up to date on the latest malware protection, encouraging workers to recognize and fix system errors and taking other necessary precautions will help make the online donation process as smooth as possible.

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