Tips for planning an online charity auction

An online charity auction is slightly different than a regular auction, but can reap all if not more than the benefits of the traditional version. If a nonprofit is utilizing online payment solutions, it is best to reach out to donors on the Internet, get people interacting with the cause's website and provide easy access to donation forms. This is where online charity auctions come into place, as they create hype and interest in the organization and provide convenient options for gift giving. Many donors are incredibly active online and connect with nonprofits via email, social media or other online channels, making it easy for organizations to reach out and ask supporters to take part in the auction.

Preparation necessities
In order to get people to attend the event and use the time with attendees to its maximum potential, nonprofits need to make sure they have a strong promotional and outreach campaign ready to go. Smart Auction Central suggests starting off with a list of potential donors to contact and writing compelling letters to get interested parties to take part in the auction. Turn to email, direct mail or social media to spread the word and create hype so people can get excited about the event.

Important details for event execution
There are a few intricate parts that nonprofits need to deal with when planning an auction. The length of the event, how it is being optimized on the Internet, event staffing and volunteer management, pricing, attendee invitations and new donor follow-up. Online Charity Auctions says auction item prices should have the reserve set about 20 percent above original costs and it's best to offer a list of the items to guests, and communicate reserve prices with auctioneers. Try to diligently collect contact information from winning bidders. 

The right mindset
Planning ahead is key. It's not worth it to wait until the last minute and be stressed about the whole situation. Plus, the event will run more smoothly if details are planned well and volunteers are equipped to do their jobs correctly. Setting up an online charity auction involves thinking about donors, the vision of the organization and how to make the technical aspects work correctly. Online donation forms are going to be used a lot and the website needs to be ready for high volumes of traffic. Be prepared to make the most of the fundraising event.

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