Tips for a strong post-donation landing page

Many nonprofit organizations are busy building a strong website to attract donors, but in order to encourage repeat givers, organizations have to think about the other landing pages necessary for their sites. Landing pages are static and create opportunities for people to learn and become engaged with the nonprofit on the Web. The post-donation landing page is particularly important, though it is often overlooked. Even though people may be done inserting their credit card information on the online donation forms, they are not necessarily done thinking about the cause they are giving to.

A good post-donation landing page will keep donors engaged and offer them additional opportunity to get involved in what they believe in. Including the following details will ensure a positive experience for many givers:

1. Thank-you cards
A sincere, thank-you card mailed to each and every donor after they give online of in person are important to building a good relationship. When creating a strong landing page, nonprofits can tell people that they can expect a note in the mail regarding their recent donation. A personalized letter will make a difference and show people that they are not just a number in the masses of donors supporting a cause. 

2. Survey question
Learning more about those who give their time and money to the organization is a great way to tailor online messaging for possible donors. A simple question or two after a donation asking why the person gave to the nonprofit and how they would want to get further involved is a smart way to keep people thinking about how they can stay engaged with the organization. If websites are able to gather additional information on visitors and donors, employees can start to create better online fundraising messages.

3. Social media links
Oftentimes, people want to share their experiences and accomplishments with those they are connected with. Social media accommodates this logic and gives many users the opportunity to communicate their proudest moments, including donating to a nonprofit that they care about. Offering social media links on a landing page after people give a donation is a perfect way to give them an easy connection to their social platforms as well as market the cause to others who may not have had the opportunity otherwise.

4. A well-crafted video
Creating an expertly produced thank-you video can be a fun and powerful way to tell people why that their support is appreciated. Whether the video is of employees or community members affected by the cause saying how donors' money makes a difference in their lives, an audio and visual can make the experience that much more real for many people.

5. Volunteer sign-ups
While giving money to an organization can help people feel they are having an impact in society, having volunteer opportunities will allow them to interact with the cause and become donors dedicated to seeing the mission of the organization through, says Social Change Consulting. Keep people excited about the cause and involve them in the various events of activities they can help with in their communities.

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