Tightening nonprofit data security

Without question, technology is making day-to-day functions easier. This is certainly true for nonprofits as well, which have been able to take advantage of new avenues such as accepting online donations. The same can be said for donors who can give from the comfort of their home. But increased accessibility has introduced new risks as well. In the wake of major company and celebrity hacks, keeping data safe is an immediate concern, one that nonprofits are seeking to address, according to the Nonprofit Times.

There has been an increase in data staffing at nonprofit organizations over the last year, according to The Nonprofit Technology Network's "8th Annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments Report." This should come as no surprise as an increasing number of charities rely on donation management software and online donating portals. But in addition to increasing staff, the study reveals that 64 percent of nonprofits are implementing strategies for their technology, and many feel that simply having the most up-to-date system is not enough anymore.

Even though the larger charity organizations maintain larger technology budgets, they aren't spending as much on information technology staff compared to medium-sized and even some smaller nonprofits, according to Associations Now. On average, large nonprofit organizations spend $2,881 per data staffer, with medium-sized organizations spending $3,736.

The study reaffirms that data security is a growing focus of modern businesses. In a time when information is predominantly being shared and stored digitally, nonprofits are taking positive steps toward keeping data secure.

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